Our Story

  In the 1980’s, Gingko started its business as an assembly contractor for Italian high-end task lights. Afterwards, Gingko became devoted to task light improvement and development, and launched several halogen task lights. The representative of the time is our model #002L, aka “ANTIFONI”, widely sold throughout the world by a major DIY furniture retailer.


  In the 1990’s, concerning the high energy consumption and short lifespan of halogen lamps, Gingko launched a series of task lights utilizing energy saving bulb. This pioneer move was a  success and all the other manufacturers followed and copied. The representative of the time is our model #016P, widely distributed throughout the world by a Germany-based light source supplier.

  Gingko continued this revolution and proposed various models designed for almost every kind of fluorescent lamp bulb. Starting from 2005, Gingko overcame difficulties and launched a series of T5 task lights, which enables broad and extensive illumination on executive desktop or personal workstation. In 2008, Gingko gave its first try into LED task light design. This attempt was approved by international design awards, including iF, IDEA and G-mark.


Our talented designer!

A peek at our talented designer..

  At present, LED and T5 task lights are among Gingko’s main range. All are contemporary, stylish, environment-friendly, and with superior quality. Gingko will continue to develop and supply high-end task lights that are with compact and stylish design, with perfect illumination for reading/working, with sustainable quality, with affordable prices and with love for the environment.